Relative Maturity: 0.2

Trait: RoundupReady® 2


Flower Color: Purple
Pubescence Color: Light Tawny
Pod Color: Tan
Hilum Color: Brown
Plant Type: Medium
Plant Height: Medium
Phytophthora Gene: Rps 3a
SCN Gene: Susceptible

Features & Benefits

  • Roundup Ready 2 Yield Technology

  • Consistent, multi-year performance

  • Elite Phytophthora tolerance

  • Very good movement East to West as well as good Southern movement in the Valley

  • Caution with areas that have a history of Sclerotinia White Mold


Emergence: Excellent
No-Till: Excellent
Wide Row Adaptation: Very Good
Stress Tolerance: Excellent
Standability: Excellent
Chloride Sensitivity: N/A

Disease Resistance

PRR Field Tolerance: Excellent
IDC Tolerance: Above Average
BSR: Above Average
White Mold: Above Average
Root Knot: N/A
Stem Canker: N/A
Frogeye: N/A
Cercospora: N/A

Soil Placement

Stress Prone: Very Good
Variable: Excellent
Poorly Drained: Excellent
Highly Productive: Excellent

Yield Environment Placement

Tough: Very Good
Variable: Excellent
High Yield: Excellent

Region Adaptability

Pacific: Not Recommended

Central: Highly Recommended

Northeast: Not Recommended

Northern Plains: Highly Recommended

Eastern Cornbelt: Not Recommended

Appalachian: Not Recommended

Western Cornbelt: Not Recommended

Great Lakes: Not Recommended

Southeast: Not Recommended

Southern Plains: Not Recommended

Delta: Not Recommended

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