Relative Maturity: Early


Average Seeds/lb (x 1000): 12
Relative Height: M
Head Type: Semi-Open
Grain Color: Bronze
Head Exsertion: 3-7"
Staygreen: N/A
Threshability: Very Good

Features & Benefits

  • Great option for double crop, late planting

  • Excellent drought tolerance and staygreen

  • Consistent, stable performance

  • Recommend 15” rows or narrower

  • Strong emergence and seedling vigor

  • Sensitive to growth regulators


Emergence: Very Good
Standability: Above Average
Root Strength: N/A
Grain Color: Bronze
Drought Tolerance: 
Yield for Maturity: Very Good
Yield Stability: Very Good

Disease and Pest Resistance

Downy Mildew: Excellent
Head Smut: Excellent
Charcoal Rot: N/A
MDMV Tolerance: N/A
Sugarcane Aphid: 
Anthracnose Resistance: N/A

Water Management

Full Irrigation: Highly Recommended
Limited Irrigation: Highly Recommended
Dryland (Stress): Recommended

Region Adaptability

Pacific: N/A

Central: N/A

Northeast: N/A

Northern Plains: N/A

Eastern Cornbelt: N/A

Appalachian: N/A

Western Cornbelt: N/A

Great Lakes: N/A

Southeast: N/A

Southern Plains: N/A

Delta: N/A

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