Relative Maturity: 102

GDU to Mid-Silk: N/A

Pollination for Maturity: N/A

Trait Options


Features & Benefits

  • Leafy Corn Silage hybrid stacked with SmartStax for multiple modes of action against below ground and above ground insect pests, including Corn Rootworm

  • Excellent overall agronomic package with wide adaptability East to West and extremely good Southern movement as well

  • Much wider silage harvest window compared to grain or dual purpose hybrids

  • Very high tonnage yield with very easy ration adaptability and feed quality

  • Tonnage and feed quality characteristics are enhanced at moderate planting populations


Greensnap: Very Good
Stalks: Very Good
Roots: Excellent
Early Vigor: Very Good
Drought Tolerance: Very Good
Silage Yield: 
Feed Quality: Excellent

Soil Placement

Course (Droughty): Very Good
Medium: Excellent
Heavy (Well Drained): Excellent
Heavy (Poorly Drained): Very Good
Variable: Excellent

Disease Tolerance

Northern Leaf Blight: N/A
Gray Leaf Spot: N/A
Southern Leaf Blight: N/A
Goss’s Wilt: N/A
Common Rust: N/A
Southern Rust: N/A

Rotation Management

Rotated Acres: Highly Recommended
Continuous Corn: Highly Recommended
Continuous Corn with Fungicide: Recommended

Water Management

Full Irrigation: Highly Recommended
Limited Irrigation: Highly Recommended
Rainfed: Highly Recommended
Dryland (Stress): Recommended

Management Response

Added Management: Very Good
Fungicide Response: Average
Average Management Response: Excellent
Low Management: Excellent

Region Adaptability

Pacific: Recommended

Central: Highly Recommended

Northeast: Highly Recommended

Northern Plains: Highly Recommended

Eastern Cornbelt: Highly Recommended

Appalachian: Highly Recommended

Western Cornbelt: Highly Recommended

Great Lakes: Highly Recommended

Southeast: Not Recommended

Southern Plains: Recommended

Delta: N/A

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