Relative Maturity: Medium

Trait Options

Performance Ready


Blackleg Resistance: Resistance
Seeding Vigor: Very Good
Plant Height: Poor
Standability: Very Good
Fusarium Wilt: N/A
Crop Uniformity: Very Good
Oil Content: Excellent
Yield for Maturity: Excellent

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent yield potential and solid agronomics for the canola rowing regions of North Dakota and Minnesota

  • High performing genetics with Roundup Ready® Technology

  • Excellent oil content

  • Rated R for Blackleg

  • Broadly adapted across all soil types

  • Very good emergence and crop uniformity

Region Adaptability

Pacific: Recommended

Central: N/A

Northeast: N/A

Northern Plains: Recommended

Eastern Cornbelt: N/A

Appalachian: N/A

Western Cornbelt: N/A

Great Lakes: Recommended

Southeast: N/A

Southern Plains: N/A

Delta: N/A

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