Fall Dormancy: Excellent

Trait: Conventional


Fall Dormancy: Excellent
Winter Survival: Excellent
Tonnage Potential: Excellent
Persistence (regrowth): Excellent
Forage Quality: Excellent

Features & Benefits

  • Attractive, dark green color

  • Consistent, proven performance across soils and environments

  • Fast regrowth makes 8450 an excellent choice for aggressive cutting schedules

  • Outstanding disease tolerance for both seedling and mature plant stages

  • Widely adapted across soils and environments

Disease Resistance

Bacterial Wilt: High Resistance
Multifoliate Expression: High Resistance
Verticillium Wilt: High Resistance
Fusarium Wilt: High Resistance
Anthracnose: High Resistance
Phytophthora Root Rot: High Resistance
Aphanomyces r.1: N/A
Aphanomyces r.2: High Resistance

Pest Resistance

Pea Aphid: N/A
Blue Alfalfa Aphid: N/A
Spotted Alfalfa Aphid: N/A
Potato Leafhopper: N/A
Stem Nematode: N/A
Root Knot Nematode – Northern: N/A
Root Knot Nematode – Southern: N/A

Region Adaptability

Pacific: Recommended

Central: Not Recommended

Northeast: Not Recommended

Northern Plains: Recommended

Eastern Cornbelt: Not Recommended

Appalachian: Not Recommended

Western Cornbelt: Recommended

Great Lakes: Recommended

Southeast: Not Recommended

Southern Plains: Recommended

Delta: Not Recommended

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