Block Out Plant Sunburn and Heat Stress

When your season looks like it’s heating up, it’s time to call on DIFFUSION from Wilbur-Ellis. DIFFUSION is a premium calcium carbonate product that helps manage light and reduce heat stress, resulting in more efficient water usage for your plant while preventing plant sunburn. DIFFUSION’s technology prevents sunlight from becoming heat – keeping your plants safe while still allowing for photosynthesis to occur.

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  • Premium Liquid Calcium Carbonate Used For
    Managing light and reducing heat stress in your plants, resulting in more efficient water usage

  • Improve Chill Accumulation Hours
    By reducing excessive heating of buds and stems on sunny winter days.

  • Specifically Formulated for Photosynthesis
    DIFFUSION’s calcium carbonate crystals reflect light without interfering with photosynthesis.

Heat Protection with a Difference You Can See

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