Organic Production

Wilbur-Ellis Company organic specialists simplify the conversion from conventional to organic production and deliver prescription-based recommendations to help you maintain your organic operation and certification.

The full line of Wilbur-Ellis organic production services includes:

  • development of a total inputs budget and cost analysis
  • a pest control program derived from a full line of state and OMRI certified organic products
  • setting appropriate crop yield and quality targets for organic production
  • Total Nutrition System, a strategic nutrition program coordinated to meet yield and quality targets
  • Record keeping for Web-based tracking throughout the growing season, and for organic audits and year-end production summary
  • transition process planning
  • regulatory support

*In October 2002, the USDA created the National Organic Program (NOP), a federal regulatory entity tasked with the development, implementation and enforcement of organic standards. NOP regulates all aspects of organic food production, handling, labeling, processing, delivery and retail sale. NOP also accredits state agencies and private organizations that inspect and certify organic production and handling.

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