Seed Treatment

Wilbur-Ellis provides proprietary seed treatment products for multiple crops. We have products that fight disease in cotton and potatoes. Our field experts can help you select the right Wilbur-Ellis brand seed treatment for your needs.

Our proprietary Integra® Seed brand is fortified with the Manifest™ Treatment System, a customized seed treatment system that protects against yield-robbing stresses and diseases that affect early plant health and seedling vigor.

Several of our seed products feature Monsanto’s new Acceleron® Seed Treatment System. Designed to complement new seed and trait products, Acceleron can improve stand and plant health to help maximize the performance potential of your crop.

We also provide treatment technology from companies like Syngenta, Bayer , and BASF. Our products include national brands such as Cruiser®, Apron®, Avicta®, Gaucho® XT and Stamina®.

And Wilbur-Ellis is proud to represent both Bayer CropScience and USC, making the best seed treating and seed handling equipment available to farmer and retail customers.​​

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