Seed Technology

Wilbur-Ellis offers a broad range of seed species to conventional and organic markets in the geographies we serve. From small seeded grasses to corn and cotton, we have carefully selected the brands that best meet our producers' needs.

Our proprietary brand is Integra Fortified Seed®. We choose the seed—corn, canola, sunflower, alfalfa, sorghum, leafy silage or soybean—with the right traits and genetics for each crop and region. And then we fortify every seed with Manifest™, a unique treatment system that improves seedling development for maximum protection of seed investment for maximum yield potential.

We offer the latest innovative seed traits and genetics from other leading brands of seed.

Many of our selected seed feature the latest innovative seed technology traits, such as Monsanto's Genuity, and others from Syngenta and Dow AgroSciences.

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