When ADVANTAGE® is applied to the soil, improved water penetration results from a reduction of surface tension. Surface tension is the result of an attraction of water molecules with one another. The application of ADVANTAGE reduces the surface tension between the water molecules. This causes droplets to flatten out which increases overall surface area, thus improving water penetration. ADVANTAGE is also safe to apply around water and livestock and may be applied over young plants.

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AQUATE™ MAX is a multi-functional soil surfactant. When AQUATE MAX is applied to the soil, improved water penetration results from a reduction in surface tension. AQUATE MAX also induces soil water retention in the plant root zone leading to reduced moisture stress in the commercial crop.

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ASCENSION™ is a blend of water-conditioning agent and surfactant for use with various herbicides with recommend the use of UAN solution and a nonionic surfactant, specifically sulfonyl urea herbicides. The addition of nitrogen-based fertilizers (such as 28% N, or 10-34-0), or ammonium sulfate (AMS), are generally not required with ASCENSION.​​

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​​DENALI-EA® is a premium nonionic surfactant designed to increase efficacy and performance by providing a combination of surfactancy and buffering the spray solution to an acidic pH. DENALI-EA increases spreading action and promotes more uniform coverage.​​​​​​

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A spreader used with Agricultural Pesticide Application.​​

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​INSIST® 90 PLUS is a nonionic surfactant used to improve the spreading and effectiveness of agricultural pesticides such as, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and miticides. INSIST 90 PLUS is designed for use with pesticides in field and row crops, range and pasture and noncrop vegetation management use sites.

Not for Aquatic Use.​​​

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OS-100 is a nonionic organo silicone surfactant for use in the post-harvest control of Asian Citrus Psyllid on citrus. Always follow the adjuvant use recommendations as shown on the pesticide label.​

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ProNatural® Spreader-Sticker

A natural adherent that increase the spread and adhesion of agricultural chemicals to the plant.​​

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R-11® Spreader-Activator improves the activity and efficacy of the spray application by reducing surface tension and increasing penetration in the plant surface.​

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A spreader and sticker, R-56® is composed of surface active agents and organic polymers that help reduce surface tension and aid in toxicant retention on plants.​

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R-900® Penetrator-Activator is a high quality, low foaming, nonionic surfactant formulated specifically to improve the performance of some herbicides and insecticides.​

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RAINIER-EA® is part of the ECO ADVANTAGE platform that provides outstanding performance, approved for aquatic use, improves safety and handling and is NPE free. RAINIER-EA is designed for use where quick wetting and uniform coverage is required and increases the efficacy of various agricultural chemicals.​​​

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REGUARD® is an extender and sticker designed to extend the life of pesticides. REGUARD forms a durable film that holds a pesticide on the crop foliage. This shield reduces the effects of environmental factors, which may decrease the effectiveness of pesticides. ​​​

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REGUARD® O is a proprietary blend of pinene polymers and emulsifiers designed for use as an extender and sticker to increase the longevity of pesticides.​​

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SUPER SPREAD® 7000 is designed to improve the efficiency of agricultural chemicals by buffering the spray solution, increasing spreading action and promoting more uniform coverage.​

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SUPER SPREAD® 90 is a general purpose nonionic surfactant used for increasing the efficiency of various agricultural chemicals.​

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SYL-COAT® is a nonionic surfactant which has been specifically designed to enhance the efficacy of pesticides. It is particularly effective when used with water-soluble and postemergence herbicides. Spray mixes containing SYL-COAT, as an adjuvant, will completely wet virtually any leaf surface. SYL-COAT also increases the amount and the rate of uptake of water-soluble herbicides. This property results in more consistent weed control. Enhanced herbicidal efficacy is most evident on broadleaf and woody brush species. SYL-COAT is less effective in enhancing performance on perennial grass weed species.​

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