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GUIDANCE-EA™ is a drift reduction and deposition product powered by our new ACCUSTRIKE™ TECHNOLOGY. Aerial applicators will experience a more uniform spray pattern, deliver more spray deposits on the intended target, and reduced drift when using GUIDANCE-EA.  With being a non-oil, water based formulated adjuvant, GUIDANCE-EA is a component for good coverage of the spray mix along with high confidence in crop safety. GUIDANCE-EA has low use rates and is designed specifically for aerial applications that utilize lower spray volumes. In research testing, GUIDANCE-EA has demonstrated the ability to minimize the detrimental effects of wind shear on the spray curtain, allowing for more consistent spray application and reduction of fine spray droplets.

In the tank mix solution, miniature particles of GUIDANCE-EA are mixed in with the carrier and/or active ingredient(s). As the solution passes through the nozzle orifice, the particles uniformly perforate the spray solution, allowing droplets to cleanly break away after ejection from the nozzle. This results in a reduction of driftable fines, but only a minimal change to the droplet size.​​

  • Excellent tank-mixture compatibility
  • Spray deposits more readily adhere to leaf surface
  • More droplets in the optimal range provides drift reduction
  • More consistent spray performance from the chemistry in the tank
  • Droplets break cleanly away, reducing effects of wind shear
  • Less product to add to the tank and less product to store
  • Crop safety
  • NPE Free

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