Perfection® Regal Green 21-4-21

Ag Product / Pro Product - 
Plant Nutrition

Sub Category:
Dry / Soil Applied

  • For the repair of damaged turf (such as divot repair, pet damage, traffic wear, insect or disease damage, and/or drought stress).
  • For pre-planting, over-seeding and establishment of sod or recently seeded turf.
  • For turf maintenance.

Perfection® Regal Green is a quality turf fertilizer specially blended to be economical with a good nitrogen to potassium ratio for lawn care, fairways, parks, and school grounds. Regal Green will give good early response. Its slow release nitrogen continues to feed the turf 6 to 8 weeks under most conditions. Fifty percent of the nitrogen in Regal Green is controlled release from Duration® 90. The high potassium ratio will enhance the turf strength to better utilize water and resist diseases. The addition of minor nutrients with iron provides rich plant color. This product contains non-staining iron.

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