Wilbur-Ellis Brings New Focus to Soil Health with Launch of Microbial Products


Kaitlin Westphal


DENVER – Dec. 28, 2015 – Wilbur-Ellis Company, a recognized leader in precision agriculture technology and the marketing and distribution of plant protection, seed and nutritional products, announced today the launch of its NUTRIOTM line of microbial products. The new line of biochemistry products aids in soil nutrition, aiming to improve plant health and yield potential.

Microbials are a vital component of soil health, making it critical to soil structure and sustaining the growth cycle of plants. This is becoming increasingly important as soil loses nutrition during these growth cycles.

After years of research and data collection, Wilbur-Ellis developed NUTRIO, a biochemistry product line brought in-house in order to better focus on soil nutrition and meet the needs of the grower. The use of microbials in the new product line allows Wilbur-Ellis to bring an eco-friendly approach to this challenge. These products include:

  • NUTRIO BIOSOAKTM, a premium liquid biological soil amendment containing humic acid and a soil wetting agent designed for application in irrigation water to maximize the leaching potential of treated soils prior to winter rains.
  • NUTRIO UNLOCK®, a liquid biological soil amendment containing a diverse array of beneficial soil bacteria cultured from specifically selected pure strains of microbes in an oxygen enriched process for maximum viability.
  • NUTRIO HIGH GEARTM, an eco-friendly liquid biological soil amendment containing 7 species of beneficial soil bacteria and liquid humic acid to promote soil and plant health and improve nutrient uptake.
  • NUTRIO POWERSHIFTTM, a unique liquid high orthophosphate fertilizer containing 7 species of beneficial soil bacteria to elevate yields, increase plant vigor and enhance resistance to stress.

“Focusing on microbials for soil health is still a fairly new frontier for the industry, and Wilbur-Ellis long ago recognized its vital importance in the agriculture ecosystem,” said Mike Karasiewicz, Vice President, Branded Products.” “Plant health begins with soil health, and Wilbur-Ellis has heavily invested in biochemistry to build a soil-first foundation with the new line of products. “

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