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Location Manager: Brian Beck
17768 Country Road H-50 Bryan , OH 43502
(419) 636-1932


We specialize in Plant Nutrtion, Plant Protection Products, Seed, Seed Treatments, Precision Planting, AgVerdict, Soil Sampling, and Custom Application.

Our technical sales representatives are dedicated to helping our customers improve the return on their crops.

We also have professional applicators who work closely with our sales team to ensure customer satisfaction.


Wilbur-Ellis can provide valuable resources to help you grow smart, increase productivity, and reduce loss. Talk to a pro at your select Wilbur-Ellis location to find out what we can do for you.

Brian Beck - Location Manager & Technical Sales Representative
Bruce Burrowes - Technical Sales Representative
Robert Baer - Technical Sales Representative
Amy Sickely - Office Services
Bill Stipe - Regulatory
Greg Geiselman - Applicator
Bruce Clark - Yard/Applicator
Keith Holtrey - Technology
Josh Grime - Operations

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