Alfalfa + Forages

Wilbur-Ellis knows alfalfa. This has enabled us to develop custom blended seed treatments to combat disease pressures specific to various growing regions and offer crop nutrition systems to help raise total digestible nutrients in feed. The full-service provisions we bring to alfalfa growers throughout the country include:

  • crop consulting and nutrition planning
  • Integra Fortified Seed®, a proprietary seed brand fortified with the Manifest™ Treatment System
  • nutrition programs and products developed specifically to help raise total digestible nutrients in feed
  • Mora Leaf® Alfalfa Gold, a nutrient product developed specifically for alfalfa
  • integrated pest management (IPM) programs that incorporate crop nutrients
  • Pirimor® 50 DF, an insecticide for aphid control recommended for IPM programs
  • a complete line of crop inputs, including crop protection, nutrients and adjuvants
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